How It Happens

The teeth in our mouth have spaces between them no matter how closely packed they might seem. They have very tiny spaces between them that separate them from each other. In these spaces, small food particles like popcorn and strands of meat can get stuck. It happens because when you bite down on the food, some of it gets pushed into space in your teeth and wedges itself in there.

Open Contact

Sometimes the problem might be a more serious one and may be caused due to bad shape of the crown or filling. It creates space between the teeth as the crown does not have proper anatomic or natural contour. This problem is known as open contact, and you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible to avoid more problems in the future.

Periodontal Disease

Another thing causing the food to get stuck in your teeth frequently is periodontal disease. It is a very serious disease that can cause numerous other problems. It starts with an infection in your gums the infection spreads very slowly. The initial signs include bleeding in the gums, which is a way for the body to deal with the bacteria. That usually happens when you don’t clean your teeth properly and the bacteria spread to a large extent. If ignored for a long time it can cause the gum to recede and the teeth to fall out. It is a severe problem and needs proper care from a specialist.

Bad Cleaning Methods

Another reason why food may be getting stuck in your mouth is that you floss in a wrong way, which means that you floss so hard that you widen the space between your teeth. Sticking random objects between them or frequently poking them with toothpicks can also cause the same problem. Use proper flossing techniques and avoid toothpicks as much as you can as they can harm the gums and your teeth. Do not use random objects to poke the food out of your mouth. Yes, it is very annoying but doing so can cause a lot of damage.

How to Deal with It

Sometimes you are outdoors and do not have the means to clean your teeth instantly. Instead of poking with pointy objects in your mouth you can get rid of these particles by either swishing water around your mouth or use your tongue to dislodge the food particle that’s sticking in your teeth or gums. Otherwise, brushing your teeth and flossing in the right way is the best way to deal with food getting stuck in your mouth.

Most important of all, if it is a recurring problem, you need to visit your dentist because there is no telling how much harm our gums and teeth have already received. Be sure to not miss out on your regular appointments with your dentists as it can help avoid many problems. Employ proper cleaning methods to make sure your teeth stay healthy for a long time.

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