Tooth pain can occur at any time throughout the day. Typically, it is caused by an onset of other things such as a cavity or after a dental procedure has been done. While there are many reasons behind tooth pain occurring, there are also many ways that a person can temporarily remedy it until they can reach the dentist’s office.

It’s never a good feeling when you start to experience pain overnight, especially if it’s tooth pain. Knowing what to do when this happens can be beneficial if and when the pain starts. Today, we will discuss what a person should do if one or some of their teeth begin to experience pain.

Managing tooth pain that starts overnight

Rinse or floss

Tooth pain often occurs when a person has missed something left behind in between two of their teeth. Leftover food particles that are lodged between teeth can cause the tooth and surrounding area to be inflamed, typically resulting in pain. To ensure that nothing is left behind, it would be best to rinse the mouth with a mouthwash or salt water rinse. Both will cleanse the mouth as well as help loosen anything that may be stuck.

Flossing is another way to ensure that nothing is left behind in between the teeth. Often, flossing will dislodge the particles and then the inflammation will calm down, relieving the person of pain. Traditional floss is great or if the area is extra sensitive, a water flosser could be easier on the painful area as well.


Over the counter pain medications are commonly used for tooth pain. They help aid in the reduction of inflammation so that the pain goes down. While over the counter medications are not to be used as a long-term solution, they can often help with temporary pain overnight. It’s best to take over the counter medications if rinsing or flossing isn’t helping. Ibuprofen or Tylenol can be beneficial to the tooth pain.

Ice or cold compress

Ice or cold compresses may seem like obvious to some people but they can actually be extremely beneficial to people experiencing tooth pain. The inflammation from the pain can cause a lot of discomforts. The ice or cold compress will help the area to relax and become numb from the pain. Again, this is a temporary solution but it should help a person for the time being.


Knowing what ways to handle your tooth pain in the middle of the night can be helpful if the dentist isn’t open or available. While tooth pains are often associated with other dental problems, sometimes it is as simple as leftover food being stuck. Some of these common remedies can help a person manage their pain until they can visit the dentist.

If you still have questions about tooth pain occurring overnight then let us know today. We’re happy to help in any way that we can — give us a call or schedule an appointment with us!

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