Thinking sedation dentistry will help you? If your anxieties or fears of going to the dental office are getting in the way of making it to your regular dental appointments, then looking into your sedation options is necessary. It is essential for you to be seen by a dental professional once or twice a year to ensure that your oral health is in tip-top shape. When you avoid going to the dentist due to feeling anxious or fearful, your oral health is in jeopardy.

About sedation dentistry

Wanting to learn more about sedation dentistry so you will never miss a dental appointment again? Good idea. According to the American Dental Association, there are several medications available to help create a more relaxed, comfortable dental visit. This means that you should discuss these options with an experienced dentist so that both of you can come up with a sedation plan. It will depend on the extent of your anxiety and/or fear as well as your overall health when it comes to choosing the type of sedation that will work ideally for you.

Common sedation dentistry options

The following is a list of three of the more common sedation dentistry options dental patients are choosing nowadays to help them deal with their anxieties and/or fears.

Laughing gas, aka nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is a minimal sedation method that dental patients inhale in order to help them relax. The relaxation nitrous oxide provides is most beneficial for patients who experience a little bit of dental anxiety, allowing them to feel much more comfortable when sitting in the dental chair undergoing any necessary treatment.

Oral sedation

For patients who experience moderate dental anxiety or fear, oral sedation is recommended. They will be given a pill that includes very relaxing sedation properties, similar to that of Valium. The pill takes anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes to start working, which makes it necessary for the patient to take the pill before the actual appointment. While the patient will remain awake, they will feel very relaxed and possibly a bit drowsy.

IV sedation and general anesthesia

IV sedation is an option for patients who experience extreme anxiety and/or fear. They will be given an IV sedative, which means they will still be awake during the treatment yet will not remember much if anything at all. General anesthesia is an option for patients who experience so much anxiety or fear that they want to be unconscious during the entire treatment. Patients who choose these options will need to arrange for a ride home after the treatment is over.

Today is the day!

Now that you understand more about sedation dentistry, are you ready to take the next step by making a dental appointment? During the appointment, you can discuss your particular situation with one of our experienced dentists, who can then offer a sedation option that will work for you. Your oral health is at risk when you do not make regular dental appointments, and that is something you want to avoid. Ready to get started on the path to good oral health?

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