When you are missing only a few of your teeth, a partial denture treatment in Vista is a viable option. Our partial dentures offer realistic-looking replacements that also function as your dental structure. Partial dentures may also elongate the life of surrounding teeth because it will help them not work as hard to overcompensate for missing teeth.

How do partial dentures work?

Partial dentures are a simple solution that fills in areas of missing teeth. Removable partial dentures are prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-colored base. We connect partial denture with a metal framework to help them stay in place. We will attach them to the natural teeth by metal clasps or a more aesthetically pleasing option called precision attachments. These can be tooth-colored in order to appear invisible in the patient’s mouth.

For an even more secure fit, we can cover nearby teeth with crowns to help anchor the partial dentures in place, similar to a dental bridge.

How are partial dentures created?

A Partial denture treatment requires the same process as complete dentures. Dentures will take a few appointments to ensure the dentures fit securely and will not need immediate replacement. First, we will make a diagnosis, taking specific measurements of remaining teeth and the patient’s gums. We will then create an impression of the gums and remaining teeth. We will send the information to a lab that will fabricate the partial dentures. After completing the partial dentures, the patient will visit our office again to attach them. During this process, we will make sure all specifications match up to the patient’s dental structure and provide the patient with a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing fit. Any minor adjustments will be made during this time. Once the partial dentures fit correctly, the patient will be able to leave our office and enjoy the new dental restoration.

Is it challenging to get used to partial dentures?

When first worn, partial dentures may feel awkward in the patient’s mouth. Over time, the patient will adjust to the feel of the dentures and have little issue with them. If it requires extra exertion to put the dentures in, notify our office. The fit may be off, and forcing them into place could break or warp them.

Wearing the dentures as often as possible will help the patient adjust to it more quickly. If one notices discomfort that does not go away within a week, contact our office for an adjustment. It may feel funny to speak and eat at first, but the patient will quickly adjust to how the dentures work. It may help to start out by eating easier foods to chew. Eventually, patients will be able to eat tougher foods without issue.

Visiting us for a partial denture treatment in Vista is your first step to a more attractive and well-functioning dental structure. When you receive your dentures from us, we will go over everything you need to know about wear and care and visiting us for adjustments. To learn more, call us at (760) 692-1065 or visit our office.

We can help you to stay in good oral health by removing the bacteria and plaque that you were unable to get with at home care. Call (760) 692-1065 today to schedule your exam.

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