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An increasing number of people are deciding to get customized at home teeth whitening trays. These dental devices allow you to effectively whiten your teeth at home, with less risk of the bleaching agent spilling over to your gums and tongue, leading to damaged tissues.

Some over-the-counter at home teeth whitening products come with trays, but these are not specifically designed for you. Most people who purchase these products end up with a poorly-fitting whitening tray. This takes away from the overall effectiveness of any bleaching product you decide to go with while leaving you exposed to more risk.

Here is a look at some of the main benefits of getting a customized tray from your dentist when you’re trying to whiten your teeth.

1. Better results

The main thing most people are concerned with when they decide to use tooth whitening products is what the end results will be. You likely feel the same way. When you talk to your dentist about your desire for whiter teeth, you do not just get a customized tray, your dentist will also give you a bleaching agent to use with the tray.

The whitening agents that are found in your dentist’s office are significantly stronger than anything you would find at your local grocery store. That means you can expect to have significantly whiter teeth in a shorter period of time.

2. Convenient

When you get customized at-home teeth whitening trays and the professional strength bleaching agents that come with them, you get the ability to whiten your teeth whenever it is convenient. You no longer have to worry about getting to whitening appointments with your dentist on time, but you still get the type of powerful bleaching agents that are only available in a dentist’s office.

Most of these customized whitening trays are designed to be barely visible in your mouth, so you also have the option of whitening your teeth as you go about your daily activities without anyone noticing you have a tray in your mouth.

3. Affordable

Getting a customized tray from your dentist is usually more expensive than getting over-the-counter whitening trays, but it is a lot cheaper than getting in-office whitening treatments. The products you’ll be given to using with these trays are a lot more powerful than anything you can find at the supermarket. Customized trays and the whitening agents that come with them are just as powerful as the products your dentist uses for in-office teeth whitening treatments, so you get professional-level whitening at a much cheaper price.

When you run out of bleaching agent, getting a refill from your dentist will not cost you much more than a quality over-the-counter teeth whitener.

In conclusion

If you are looking for the most affordable way to get professional-level teeth whitening products, getting a customized tray from your dentist is the way to go. You will get significantly whiter teeth without spending anything close to what in-office whitening treatments cost.

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