There are quite a few teeth straightening options available to patients nowadays, which make having a nicer-looking smile within reach of more people. While most people who need or choose to get braces opt for full mouth braces, not everyone needs them. Instead, a professionally trained dentist can perform a thorough evaluation in order to determine the best in braces solution for each individual patient. If you feel that only your bottom teeth would benefit from having braces, and then use the following information to determine if this option is the right one for you.

Bottom teeth straightening only

When a dental patient wants to only have his or her bottom teeth straightened, what they are considering a single arch treatment. While it is possible for patients to only have their bottom teeth straightened, an experienced dentist will evaluate the patient’s overall bite. The concern lies in how the teeth fit together once the bottom teeth begin to straighten out. If there are concerns that the patient’s bite will not fit together properly by only getting the bottom teeth straightened, it may be necessary for the patient to have adjustments made to the top teeth as well.

Why straight teeth support oral health

Straight teeth fully support someone’s overall oral health because when teeth are straight, it is much easier to take care of them. When teeth are crooked, tartar, plaque and bacteria have many more places to hide and form. When tartar and plaque begin to build up on the teeth, it causes people to experience various forms of tooth decay. Once a tooth begins to decay, it becomes much weaker, which is why everyone needs to make sure that they properly take care of their teeth by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. According to the American Dental Association (, braces are the most common way to correct crooked teeth and major bite problems.

Ready to get your bottom teeth straightened?

If you are ready to find out your teeth straightening options for your bottom teeth, we are here and ready to make you an appointment. Having straight teeth is supportive of your good oral health, making it essential that you find out the options available to you for straightening your bottom teeth. Understand that only by having a dental consultation are you able to know what your options are when it comes to straightening your bottom teeth. It may be necessary for you to also have some adjustments made to your top teeth as well. Calling us now to set up an appointment is your first step to having straighter teeth.

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