Sedation dentistry allows you to have your dentistry performed without any anxiety or fear. It will let you snooze away while performing the procedure. Medications that are used for dental sedation won’t leave any memory of the whole dental process. These dental sedatives are customized, keeping your health, treatment, and level of fear into consideration. While you are asleep, the procedures like simple cleanings to full mouth restorations can be finished, sometimes in just one session. You will end up waking up with a beautiful new smile as you wished for! Sedation dentistry is a pain-free dentistry that will make you feel as comfortable as possible when going to visit the dentist.

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What are the different types of sedation dentistry?

The most common types of sedation dentistry are, as follows:

Inhalation Sedation: Through inhalation sedation dentistry, before and during the dental treatment, the dentist makes you breathe in nitrous oxide, which is also called laughing gas.

Oral Sedation:The oral sedation is that in which the dentist makes you consume the sedative in the form of a pill. This sedation helps in relieving anxiety.

IV Sedation: In IV sedation dentistry, the dentist injects the medication directly into your vein. This sedation reduces anxiety, makes you sleepy, and produces partial or total amnesia.

General Anesthesia: This type of sedation is usually used for high anxiety patients, which can make you go completely unconscious and in a very deep sleep while performing the dental procedure.

What should you expect from sedation dentistry?

You should let your sedation dentist know about any health conditions and any other health problems as well. Keep in mind the following things, when you visit a sedation dentist:

  • The sedation dentist thoroughly reviews your medical history and talks to you about the medications that you are consuming or about other recent surgeries you had.
  • Take a list of all the medications you are consuming at present.
  • You can ask questions about your concerns post the procedure, without any fear.

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