Dental fear or odontophobia affects about 36% of the general population. Its effects reflect on both the oral health and overall quality of life of people suffering from this phobia. Several strategies and techniques have been tested and are now proven to help overcome dental phobia.

Our team at El Camino Dental Arts in Vista, California, is experienced in managing dental phobia and helping patients feel relaxed and at ease during their dental appointments. For details on how we can help, contact us at (760) 433-9255.

How to Overcome Dental Phobia?

Below are some things that may help you manage your dental fear so that you can get the dental care you need:

  • Dental Clinic Set-up

It may help you to choose a dental clinic with inviting and relaxing decor. Some clinics not only have a calming ambiance with dim lights and soothing wall colors, but they also offer headphones with relaxing music to help you overcome your anxiety.

It’s also important to choose a clinic where you won’t have to wait long as this may add to your fear.

  • Tell-Show-Do

You can use this technique to gradually become more familiar with the dental environment. You can set up an initial appointment during which the dentist will explain the procedure you require. Then, they can show you the tools they will use and explain their function.

Discussing with the dentist beforehand and clarifying any doubts you may have can make you feel more at ease before your dental appointment.

  • Modeling

Introduce your child to the experience of a dental appointment early by bringing them along when you are getting a treatment or procedure done. This can help them perceive a dental appointment as a positive experience.

  • Signalling 

You can discuss with the dentist to give them a signal whenever you need them to pause the treatment or procedure because you are starting to feel uncomfortable. This will give you the confidence that you are in control and ease your anxiety.

  • Sedation

At El Camino Dental Arts, we offer multiple sedation options depending on the dental treatment or procedure you need to get done. We will discuss with you to better understand your level of anxiety and then recommend the best course of action.

Our team at El Camino Dental Arts is well trained to handle issues like dental phobia. For all your dental health needs in Vista, CA, schedule an appointment by calling us at (760) 433-9255. For any queries, you can visit us at 1938 Via Centre Ste A, Vista, CA 92081. 

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