The alignment of the teeth is quite crucial when it comes to optimum oral health and aesthetics. Millions of Americans are known to seek orthodontic attention every year, which shows the importance of perfectly aligned teeth. We advise getting orthodontic treatment as early as possible since it’s significantly easier to move the teeth, and the relapse is minimal.

Importance of early orthodontic treatment

Improves Facial Symmetry: When malocclusion is treated when the child is still young, the facial symmetry changes along with the misalignment of teeth. It helps to align the jaw better and improves the facial shape as a whole.

More space for the teeth to erupt: Crowding is a type of malocclusion where the teeth are left with very little room to emerge, which results in overlapping. This can affect the ideal eruption of teeth, which may lead to a severe case of malocclusion. But, getting early orthodontic treatment provides more space for the teeth to erupt.

Better aesthetics of the smile: Imagine your children being mocked for their crooked teeth by their friends. It can lead to loss of confidence, which can become worse as the days pass. Getting malocclusion treated at an early stage will allow your child to flaunt a beautiful smile without getting worried about the embarrassment.

Reduced risk of bruxism and mouth breathing: Bruxism is an oral condition that includes grinding the teeth subconsciously while asleep. It can cause severe headaches, worn out teeth, etc. Mouth breathing can affect the oxygen supply to the lungs and also give rise to speech problems. Orthodontic treatment reduces the risk of developing these oral conditions.

What does the treatment involve?

Orthodontic treatment can start as early as when the child is two years old. At this stage, the main objective is to provide enough space for the teeth to erupt and ensure the jaws’ ideal development. The dentist will discuss with the parents about some of the orthodontically harmful habits that they need to watch for, such as thumb sucking, faulty use of a pacifier, etc. Orthodontic appliances may also be provided to prevent the teeth from shifting to undesirable positions.

During the next few years, the dentist will continue to monitor the growth of the teeth regularly and provide necessary treatment. The orthodontic treatment can be in the form of conventional dental braces, clear braces, lingual braces, or Invisalign. The dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and determine which dental appliance would be most suitable to treat the condition.

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