Thinking about silver fillings to fix your cavity? When you have one or more cavities in your teeth, they need to be treated by a professional dentist as soon as possible. If you do not get them treated, the cavity will only continue to get worse. If your cavity is not treated, the bad bacteria and decay will continue to eat a hole in the tooth, until it eventually reaches the nerve of the tooth. If this happens, you will begin to experience a lot of pain. And the tooth will no longer require a simple filling. Instead, it will now need a root canal or may even need to be pulled from the mouth.

Pros of silver fillings

The following is a list of some of the pros that come with choosing silver fillings to fix a dental cavity:

Pro #1 – a silver filling is very strong so it is able to endure the forces of chewing

Pro #2 – a silver filling is less likely to break when compared to other types of dental fillings

Pro #3 – a silver filling is the most affordable type of filling material

Pro #4 – a silver filling works better in areas of the mouth where moisture control is an issue

Pro #5 – the teeth next to a tooth that has a silver filling are more resistant to getting cavities

Pro #6 – a silver filling can last up to 15 years, making them a long-lasting filling choice

Cons of silver fillings

The following is a list of some of the cons that come with choosing silver fillings to fix a dental cavity:

Con #1 – a silver filling contains elemental mercury. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, a silver filling releases low levels of mercury in the form of a vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed by the lungs

Con #2 – a silver filling is larger in size compared to other filling choices

Con #3 – a silver filling does not support a great smile because they are a visibly different color

Can we answer any questions for you?

If you have any questions about silver fillings, please do not hesitate to call us when you have a few moments to spare. It really is important that you make a filling choice that works for you. Since there are other types of fillings available besides metal fillings, it is definitely a good idea for you to find out what all of the available filling choices are so you can be well informed. Just be sure to do everything in a timely manner, as cavities need to be filled as soon as possible or they will continue to get worse.

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