An emergency dentist knows how to fix trauma to your teeth. The trauma usually occurs when you have a fall, experience a car accident, or while playing some active sport. You might face unbearable pain when you break a tooth, also depending on the extent and nerve damage incurred. In some cases, it gets essential to get emergency dental implants to remove the tooth that is damaged, repair any damage to the nerve, and replace it with filling material or an implanted cap.

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When do you need an emergency dentist appointment?

Sometimes, it’s quite easy to tell whether you need an emergency dentist appointment such as:

  • When there is an accident that causes damages to the teeth or gums
  • Teeth that gets knocked out entirely due to some trauma
  • When you experience piercing pain

All these dental problems should be immediately addressed to an emergency dentist for a dental visit, as that could help in minimizing the risk of permanent damage.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

You need an emergency dentist for several emergent reasons. Usually, the reasons are the following:

Sensitivity to heat: It is fairly common to experience teeth sensitivity towards cold and such cases wouldn’t require any emergency treatment, but tooth sensitivity to heat might be an indication of an infection, especially when accompanied with swelling or fever.

Fractured tooth: A fractured tooth might cause momentary, sharp pain when you bite or chew as the pieces move. If it is left untreated, then it can make bacteria enter, leading to infection within the tooth pulp.

Broken braces or wires:Any such case should be rectified as soon as possible by making an appointment with the orthodontist.

Swelling in the mouth or gums:You might face this problem due to the presence of an infection. The area might get reddened, making it tender and warm to the touch.

Abscessed tooth: An abscessed tooth occurs because of untreated cavities. There will be pus formation near the tooth root and it would require a root canal to drill the infection out of the tooth. You may also need to have antibiotics.

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