Understanding what causes swollen gums allows you to prevent gums from swelling up in the first place.

Additionally, if swollen gums do occur, being able to pinpoint why helps you properly treat them and restore good oral health faster.

Causes of swollen gums

There are several different reasons gums may be swollen. In most cases, it can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene, though that is not always the case.

The following are the three most common causes of swollen gums.

Poor dental hygiene

The main reason swollen gums may have occurred is that the person has not maintained good oral hygiene. In many cases, this can be attributed to improper brushing technique and frequency. However, other factors, such as consuming too much sugar and failing to floss frequently, can also play a role.

If swollen gums start to occur, it most likely means that a buildup of bacteria has formed.

First, be sure to start brushing often and in a thorough manner, along with flossing and using fluoride mouthrinse. In many instances, changing one’s oral hygiene routine is all that is needed to effectively treat swollen gums.

Oral infection

Swollen gums do not necessarily mean the cause is poor dental hygiene. In some cases, it is possible to do everything right and still suffer from oral infection.

If poor dental hygiene is not the cause of swollen gums, there is a high likelihood that an oral infection is the cause.

When an oral infection develops, there is a good chance that abscesses on the gums will start to form, which can cause swollen gums.

Gum disease

If poor dental hygiene continues for too long and the early sign of swollen gums is ignored, the issue can develop into a gum disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

While gum disease can often be managed, it can lead to serious dental health concerns if not dealt with properly, including the loss of teeth and pain in the gums.

The best way to deal with gum disease is to prevent it from occurring in the first place by practicing good oral hygiene. If swollen gums do occur and the cause is believed to be gum disease, it is important to seek dental care as soon as possible.

Allergic reactions

Certain allergic reactions to ingredients can cause swollen gums, which can be fairly hard to diagnose.

If good oral hygiene is administered and an oral infection has been ruled out, there is a good chance that the person has had an allergic reaction.

The best way to determine what caused the allergic reaction is to make a list of everything new that has been tried recently, and determine if it could have caused the swollen gums.

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