At El Camino Dental Arts, we are focused on helping our patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.  Patient education is a key component of our strategy.  When you visit our 92081 family dentist office, we will take the time to show you how to brush and floss properly along with discussing foods that you should and should not eat.  To schedule an appointment, call (760) 692-1065. In the meantime, here is a family dentist’s guide to preventative brushing and flossing –

Select the Right Toothbrush

The type of toothbrush you use will significantly impact how clean your teeth become. We recommend that you brush with a battery operated or electronic toothbrush whenever possible, since the movement of the bristles combined with how you brush, will give you the best possible clean.  If you purchase a standard toothbrush, make sure to buy one with soft bristles.  We warn our Vista, CA patients of the importance of avoiding hard toothbrushes because the bristles can actually erode the enamel on your teeth.  You should also remember to buy a new toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months.  If the bristles become frayed or the brush starts to smell, buy a new one right away.

Buy the Right Toothpaste

At El Camino Dental Arts, we typically recommend brushing with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.  This will help to strengthen your teeth and combat the damage done by the food you eat and what you drink.  Fluoride is particularly important for children.  If your teeth become sensitive, we may recommend brushing with a special toothpaste that can help to protect your nerve endings and prevent discomfort while eating.

Move Food Away from the Gums

When you visit our Vista, CA dental office, we will check to make sure that you do not have gum disease.  This condition typically starts because plaque has built up along the gum line and become trapped between your teeth and your gums.  As it does, the gums become inflamed.  This makes it important for you to brush food and plaque away from your gums and towards the center of your mouth, not the other way around.  Start your toothbrush at your gum line and move it in a circular pattern, pushing plaque towards the center of your mouth.

Remember: You should brush your teeth for at least two minutes at a time.  If they still do not feel clean – keep brushing.

Floss Correctly

When you visit our 92081 family dentist office, we can show you how to floss properly.  Many of our patients do not enjoy flossing and in this case, you may want to purchase a bag of plastic flossing tools.  They are incredibly easy to use and have a pick on one end.  This way, you can hold the tool to floss instead of needing to wrap the floss around your fingers.  However, both work equally well as long as you floss correctly.  Do not stop at the point of your gums in between your teeth.  Instead, gently move your floss along the curve of your gums that is covering your tooth.  Food and plaque can become trapped here, and you want to be sure to remove it on a daily basis.  Remember to floss gently and if you experience initial discomfort, don’t worry.  As your gums become used to flossing, they will feel less irritated and become healthier.

For more information on family dentist’s guide to preventative brushing and flossing, call (760) 692-1065 and schedule an appointment with our Vista, CA family dentist office.

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