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There are certain things that we are all guilty from that time to time that are harmful to out teeth.

Sometimes, it can even be challenging to catch ourselves in the act to stop it and preserve the condition of our teeth. However, by making a conscious effort to avoid the most common, harmful things we do to our teeth, you can ensure your teeth are well cared for, and no unnecessary damage is done.

Harmful Things to Teeth

To avoid things that harm teeth, it is essential to have a full understanding of what exactly those things are.

The following are the most common, harmful things to avoid to prevent teeth from becoming damaged.

Consuming sugar

Perhaps the most common way teeth are harmed is by consuming too much sugar without a proper cleaning afterward. Sugar is tooth enamel’s worst enemy, eating away at the surface and causing enamel erosion. While eating a cupcake once in a while is not a huge deal, it is essential to be mindful and properly clean teeth after consuming sugar.

Using tobacco products

Tobacco products – such as cigarettes or chewing tobacco – are incredibly harmful to teeth and can lead to enamel erosion, discoloration of teeth and gum disease. While quitting smoking can be easier said than done, cutting out any tobacco products is sure to have a positive impact on teeth.

Grinding teeth

Grinding teeth is tough to avoid as most of the time people do not even realize they are doing it, especially if they grind their teeth while they are sleeping. By making an effort to avoid grinding teeth during the day and wearing a mouthguard at night if grinding while asleep is an issue, it is much easier to protect teeth from damage.

Chewing on ice

Chewing on ice is in most cases the easiest thing to give up that is harmful to our teeth. While munching on ice may not seem like a big it deal, it can lead to chipping and cracking of the teeth if done frequently.

Drinking coffee

In a similar fashion as sugar, coffee is also harmful to our teeth, except it may have even more of a negative impact. Drinking coffee can lead to severe staining of the teeth if proper dental hygiene is not in place to combat the coffee consumption.

Eating foods high in starch

Much like sugar, starch can eat away at enamel and cause tooth decay. Unfortunately, many of the foods consumed on a daily basis – including potato products, vegetables and pasta – are high in starch. While eliminating starch is merely unrealistic, brushing teeth and flossing after eating a meal high in starch is helpful.

Chewing on pens and pencils

Anyone who works at a desk during the day is probably guilty of this at one point or another. However, chewing on pens and pencils continually can damage enamel, leading to chipped teeth or enamel damage.

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