Are you wondering what you can do to avoid a dental emergency? It is best to be proactive when it comes to maintaining your oral health.

While some situations are entirely impossible to avoid, taking some simple precautions can reduce the risk of any severe tooth damage. Keep reading to see how you can keep your teeth or your children’s teeth strong and intact.

Tips to avoid a dental emergency

Here are five simple ways that can help anyone avoid a dental emergency. Both children and adults can benefit from this advice.

1. Do not use your teeth to open things

While it may seem convenient to open a package or something similar with your teeth, this can cause severe damage. You may break a tooth on a hard piece of plastic, which would cause an emergency trip to the dentist. This can also wear down your teeth, making them more susceptible to future damage.

2. Do not eat or chew hard items

While you may be able to break down certain foods, there is no need to chew overly hard things. For example, do not bite on ice or strong bones. Also, avoid placing pencils or other small things in your mouth throughout the day. You can easily chip a tooth if you bite too hard on plastic or even hard foods. Many children take an emergency trip to the dentist during school hours because they chew on the ends of pencils.

3. Do not eat chewy foods

It is easy for chewy foods to stick to dental restorations or orthodontic devices. You will have to see a dentist as soon as possible if your crown or braces break. Until then, your mouth will likely be extremely sensitive.

4. Do not play sports without wearing a mouthguard

It is essential for anyone who plays sports to wear a mouthguard. Accidents always happen, even during non-contact sports. Your dentist can help you find a proper mouthguard.

5. Wear a seat belt

Everyone should wear a seatbelt when they get into a vehicle. Not only will it protect you in an emergency, but it can save your smile as well. If the driver taps on the brakes, an unbuckled passenger can hit their teeth on a headrest or the dashboard. This often will break a tooth or remove it completely.

What to do in an emergency

You can keep your teeth intact with proper precautions, but accidents can always happen. If you or your loved ones experience a dental emergency, remain calm. Call your dentist and explain what happened. Dentists see these situations often and will know exactly what to do.

If you do not have a dentist, then call our office to learn more about taking care of your teeth. As you likely know, seeing a dentist twice a year is the best way to prevent tooth decay and damage.

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